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Interior Design Bucketlist

Hey lovies,

I am super happy that Spring is finally here in New York. Sun is out, flowers are in bloom and i couldn’t ask for much right now except i have been thinking about moving into a new place and for me, that means change and change means “it’s time for some shopping”. I have a few ideas on my bucketlist of what i would like to get for my dream living room if i had an unlimited budget and i want to share that you guys. Enjoy.

  Charles Pfister 3-seat sofa for knoll     Fully restored pair of 1950s italian lounge chairs by Gigi Radice for Minotti

Karl Springer Bronze base pouf ottoman    Chenille and Linen pillow with a bright ikat motif design

Custom Edward Field deco style rug (13x13 ft)     Roger Sprunger-style brass and glass coffee table by tri-mark

Eero Saarinen for Knoll cast iron tulip tables    Italian ceramic bowl

Beaded floral wall sculpture    Bertil Brisborg extra large white plexiglass swirl wall lamps

Rare 3-arm floor lap by Stilnovo    Sputnik Chandelier with 24 shades

I love to combine bright and neutral colors with chic contemporary furnishing and interesting accents. I love throw pillows with graphic prints because they add something different that you can switch out anytime. I don’t know about you but i love  round tables because i don’t have to worry about sharp edges. lol. I am a reader and i love to be comfortable when i have a good book so, comfortable chairs and putting my feet up is a no brainer.

Designing my dream space is something i find interesting and complicated at the same time because i am always craving something different and unique, just like me. Good thing i found the perfect site that has everything i need at my finger tips. Decaso is the perfect place where you can go to get your interior design dreams fulfilled.


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Cleaning for Spring…

Hi lovies,

Spring is here! says every calendar possible since the 20th but that’s not the case in New York City. As over the cold as i am, these extra winter weeks is giving me more time to prepare for Spring. Yay! It’s time for some major spring cleaning and i am looking forward to it. Any reason to do some shopping is always welcome. lol. I can’t wait to put away all that extra-thick and heavy blankets, bulky winter jackets, wool pjs, take off the A.C covers, etc. I am looking forward to brighten up my space with spring scents, extra throw pillows, bright fabrics in neutral and pastel tones, and a whole new “spring-fied” wardrobe. Now, that’s more like it. I consider myself to be pretty ok at re-decorating so, let me show you some “spring-spiration” ideas on how i plan to “spring-fy” my space. Enjoy..

I definitely want to start with flipping over my mattress. Speaking of mattress, i am thinking of getting a new one and i was doing some on-line recon and i genuinely fell in love with Leesa ArtLifting limited edition mattress. I love the mattress cover. Its different and unique. Now, my mattress is already in front of the window and if i move it any closer, i might as well be out the window. lol.


I just got this and i can’t wait to use it. It’s so spring and it smells really enticing and really fun so much so, that i couldn’t wait for spring. lol

I love the floral designs, pastel comforter and sheer curtains. I love the little reminders of spring in the throw pillows and the sheerness of the curtain, that allows in that beautiful morning sunshine and i love to look out my window because the view is not so bad. Last but not the least, is a vase full of flowers. Everybody needs some flowers. lol



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Holiday Wish-list: Love me, AdoreMe

Hey lovies,

Happy Holidays, guys! It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s the time to get super cozy and comfy but definitely, still sexy. I am all for throwing on my most comfortable pjs and robe, get under the covers and binge watch amazing holiday movies with a cup of hot tea and cookies.

Well, that is my usual winter holiday activity but sometimes, i do love to go to one or two holiday parties and have a really good time with friends. With that said, i am not just about looking sexy but i love to feel sexy and whatever lingerie i wear also, counts for how high my holiday spirit is going to be because you know, you gotta feel comfortable to have the most fun. lol

I am the kind of girl that likes to make a statement when i walk into a room and nothing screams statement, like an all red outfit. You would think that the fact that i am 6ft tall would be enough but hey! What’s a girl to do? lol

The holiday season is all about family, friends, love, the joy of giving and reflecting on all the things that have happened all year but, it’s also the time to relax, reflect and have some good ol’ fun whilst still keeping up to date on what’s sexy and cozy. lol.

Happy Holidays, lovies!


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Classic car, Nature & a Date

Hey lovies,

Happy post- thanksgiving, sweethearts! I hope you had a wonderful time with all the left overs and the Black Friday shopping. I had way too much fun shopping and what a haul (lol). I think i have had enough retail therapy to last me a while.*wheew*. Anyways, before i get carried away (lol), you are probably wondering what i am talking about, right? Well, it’s all about how i would like to spend my perfect date day. I have always thought about what i would like to do on my perfect date and the truth is, most of the time we just want to either go to a restaurant or eat-in. I’m not knocking down that idea because, ideas of a perfect date differ according to the individual but i like an adventurous date. lol. Well, continue reading and i will tell you about what i would want in a perfect date.

I have always love the idea of a nice 2-day road drive through the country-side in the summer, a few stops along the way to visit tourist sites, take in amazing scenes and spend a night at a nice B&B, then back home the next day. So, surfing through the net looking for inspiration, i came across different car hire services but Turo stood out. Turo is a car-hire service, where you can put your car up for hire and get paid, rent a car, etc. What they offer is perfect for what you need for a nice ride to your destination, if you don’t want to use your private car and you want something different. I love how car owners get to meet with the renters prior to, and even deliver the car to any location you want, if possible. With Turo , you are covered, safe and most definitely not alone.

I have a degree in Tourism management, so i have always been a sucker for the beauty that is nature and, taking a ride through the countryside is always a joy for a tourist like me. Beautiful classic convertible, sun in your face, hair in the wind, your date by your side, nature’s beauty flashing by; what more can you ask for? lol




There is nothing more beautiful than spending quality and quiet time with somebody you care about, either indoors or outdoors and for me, I’ll take both. lol.


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The Magic of Undershirts

Hey lovies,

How’s it going? It’s been a long minute. Alot has been going on and trying to juggle business school and moving to the U.S hasn’t been a slice of cake and a cup of tea but i am surviving. lol. It’s been quite a roller coaster but that is not why we are here. So, I got hit with the idea of “The Magic of the Undershirts” and i decided it something i need to share with you.


Undershirt 101 – Something every man should know

The undershirt is an essential part of any outfit. It’s like having a really great body but bad posture. Anyways, Fall season is here and, Winter is literally around the corner. It’s all about layering up and we need all the heat we can get and still feel comfortable. There is no better time to stock up on undershirts than right now and, Tommy John has got you covered, because they care about your comfort and helping you feel good.

I know sometimes, it can seem uncomfortable with so many clothes on but Tommy John Undershirts are so comfortable, cool and lightweight, you can barely feel the extra clothing. I usually get cold quickly and my body tends to retain the cold for a while even after i get in a warm environment so, i am always about layering up. If you are just like me, then i guess undershirts are for you. The fact that undershirts protects your outerwear from armpit stains, helps your dress shirts fit better, whilst giving you that neat and clean look, that already is a no brainer. In the spirit of the season, below are a few of my Fall essentials;


meermin-rapello-suede-chelsea-boots 3010 beanie-hat-for-men-2015-2016-2 high-quality-striped-long-sleeved-t-font-b-shirt-b-font-font-b-men-b-font _13300203 2006ss_blk_ecom_s_14424152 baszz13po1_blk_ecom_s_14440649 vaseline-b001ecq55m-img1-lg

Undershirts are one of the best things to have not just during the fall or winter season but all year round. You can never go wrong with the right undershirt so, i say, “Believe in the magic”..

NB: Undershirts are not t-shirts


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Awards Season: Style Me

Hey lovies,
It’s the Award season. Yay! I know! I know! I am pretty late jumping on this train but, like I say “It is never too late to get on board, as long as you get to your destination”. So, we all know what this season comes with; bright lights, Cameras and your favorite celebrities on the Red Carpet, especially the ladies but in the last couple years, the men have been making efforts to be noticed and, I say “It’s about time”. Lol.

I’ve always wanted the opportunity to style my favorite celebrity and I couldn’t decide between Edris Elba, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Channing Tatum but I decided to go with Micheal B. Jordan and after watching his latest movie, Creed, I knew it had to be him and also, He is a fine piece of work (just saying. Lol). He has a body that would look amazing in just about anything and being able to rock any look is just as important as what you wear underneath and how you feel. Having said that, my latest internet find is a Men’s Underwear brand called TOMMY JOHN. They recently just created this new underwear that is as light as air. Imagine that!



Micheal Bakari Jordan *swoons*

So, if  i had to style Micheal for the Awards, check out what i have in mind below. Enjoy:

What i had in mind when i selected each and every item, was to make a subtle statement that packed quite a punch. Micheal is handsome and has a beautiful body so, i wanted to do him justice. So, first off i had to put him in this amazing underwear created by Tommy John because you know, “Confidence starts with comfort” and, if what you wear underneath isn’t comfortable, it can throw off your whole look.

Air Tank Undershirt

This Air Tank undershirt from Tommy John is so light, it’s only 2 ounces. You won’t feel like you are wearing any underwear…..but, you are

Air trunk

Boxers brief can’t exactly work for fitted pants and neither does regular cotton trunks and, that’s why i chose Air trunk from Tommy John. It’s weighs 2 ounces and and very comfortable and nothing rides up anywhere.. lol


 This is an Emporio Armani suit in Jacquard. I love this because, it’s different and its got character. I could have kept it simple and put Michel in a classic black suit but, i didn’t want simple. I wanted “Statement”

Giorgio Armani shirt

I love this Giorgio Armani shirt because of the color and i didn’t want to go with the classic white shirt because i love dark tones and i think, Micheal would look good in it


I love the prints on this Tom Ford droplet print silk pocket square. I love the color and it adds a level of softness to the entire look


This Silk tie is from Tom Ford may look simple and understated but it’s not. It adds a little bit of class and style.

Reversible calf skin belt (EA)

Ofcourse, you can’t ever go wrong with an Emporio Armani reversible calf skin belt


I chose this Diamond Skull cuff link from Tom Ford because i wanted a little piece of edginess. Just a little piece of “Rebel statement”.


I love the simplicity of this Gianni lace up cap toe shoes from Tom Ford.


This classic Emporio Armani watch is a Go-To piece, i think anybody should have and, i love it.

What you wear underneath is just as important as the clothes you wear and, “Confidence starts with Comfort”..


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Zuhair Murad: All that Glitters

Hey lovies,

How are you doing today? I feel fabulous and i don’t know why. Maybe, i am just happy to be alive. Lol. So, from my title i’m sure you’ve already figured out who this post is about. He is none other than, world-known designer and one of my Design/Style inspirations, Zuhair Murad. I’m always taken by pure joy and transported into a world beyond my comprehension, whenever I see something new from Zuhair. If you don’t believe in fairytales and Happily Ever Afters, Zuhair Murad will make you a believer. He creates such passionate, elegant and delicate dreams with fashion. His unique style and design is so dreamy and breathtaking, you will need an extra tank of oxygen. Trust me! lol

Zuhair knows how to cause quite a stir, be it on the Runway or Red carpet. Below are a few of my Red Carpet/ Statement looks. Enjoy:


Celine Dion


Anna Beatriz Barros

Chanel Iman

Chanel Iman


Nina Dobrev

Chibany Sisters

Chibany Sisters (Beauty Queens)

Blake Lively

Blake Lively


Dita Von Teese

Frederique Bel

Frederique Bel

Haife Wehbe

Haife Wehbe

Ellen Pompeo

Ellen Pompeo

Izabel Goulart

Izabel Goulart

Jennal Dewan Tatum

Jenna Dewan-Tatum

Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams

Zuhair Murad knows how to create the perfect dream without trying so hard. He also knows how to make a woman feel like a queen.