Style Switch Up…

Hi lovies,

“Giving is not just about making a donation. It’s about making a difference”

                                                                                                  ….. Kathy Calvin

Alot of us think of ways to give back. Some of us are actively involved, and some of us get the opportunity to not only be active but to also talk about it and reach more people with the avenue(s) that we have been blessed with. AUrate New York isn’t just involved or talking but actively contributing to giving back to the community. As an experienced blogger, i wanted to inform and share with you their message and i am ALWAYS happy to be a part of something like this.

AUrate New York is a Jewellery company with a heart of Gold. They are involved in this amazing campaign that supplies books to school kids through their “A Book for Your Look” program, partnering with Mastery Charter. For each piece of accessory you purchase at AUrate, an economically under-privileged child will receive a book. This touched me deeply because i love to read, always have and i wished there was somebody that did for me what they are currently doing for these kids.

And because of that, i was extremely happy to see a fun challenge from AUrate. I am sharing my Day to Night look featuring some great gold accessories which are sourced sustainably and ethically.


y (7)

Left: Day Look has the black blazers and brogues because i do alot of running around in the day time and comfort is key for me but i still want to look effortlessly professional and casual chic and i love statement pieces. It’s why i love this pleated skirt. It’s bright, bold and playful at the same time and i paired it with the neutral tones, black and beige and simple gold accessories from AUrate.

Right: Night Look doesn’t include the blazer because it’s time to lose the professional look for a more sexy and casual look but still make a statement. So, i switched the brogues to rose gold heels with spikes and gold accessories from AUrate.

I love what AUrate New York stands for and the power behind their product. I love that they hold steadfast to their core values and their mission has a strong voice behind it. They are focused towards promoting a better world, starting with our “Leaders of tomorrow” (kids) and we need more people like the Founders, Sophie Kahn & Bouchra Ezzahraoui to continue to create avenues like this, where we can continue to uplift and support the kids.



Summer wedding, Fashion ready…

Hey lovies,

Summer is still in full swing and so are weddings. I can’t count how many wedding invites i have gotten this summer break and the truth is, figuring out what to wear is always a joy for me especially in the summer. I have always gone for a simple yet statement style whenever i go to a wedding or an event. I am 6ft tall. That itself, is a statement. lol. But, there is always that constant battle with choosing what style to settle on. Do i want to go glammed-up, pull out a LBD or try something new? And, if i am going with my date, i also have to make sure that we compliment each other and not look like strangers. Well, below are my 3 go to summer wedding looks for myself and my date. Enjoy

y (1)

I chose this floral white off shoulder culotte jumpsuit because it is summer perfect, simple but chic, NOT exactly plain white because you don’t want to upstage the bride. It is her day, after all. I chose the black accessories because i want to compliment my date and i also, wanted to tone down all that white and floral and maybe not match the decor. lol. I chose tie-less and a waistcoat for my date because its summer, you want to look casual yet comfortable whilst still making a strong statement.

y (2)

This look is definitely elegant and makes quite a statement. It’s not often you wear black to wedding. Truth is, you can wear black and i chose this dress because it has a scallop hem line, its lace and has a nice shimmer to it and i complimented it with the red ankle-wrap sandals and blue clutch because it needed the color and also, i wanted to compliment my date with the hint of blue. I went tie-less also because the suit is strong, masculine and bold and it could do without a tie, so why not?

y (3)

This is definitely my go to because it’s summer perfect especially for destination or outdoor wedding. It’s flirty, sexy, floral and super chic and blush is the perfect summer color. I chose to go all brown for my date because in my opinion, destination or outdoor weddings are usually very casual and laid back especially, if its tropical as most of them are. The suit is light-weight cotton, very friendly and comfortable. You don’t see alot of brown suits at weddings and that’s a shame. It may be unusual but it takes a confident man to pull it off and there is nothing that says sexy like confidence. *wink*

If you notice, for my date i settled for slim-fitted pants – the material matters alot, too – because they are comfortable and and fit in the right places without been restrictive or too tight. Truth is, there is nothing like a man in the right pants.


….To my College self….

Hey lovies,

How’s your summer going? Mine has been good and i am about to round up on getting my MBA. Three more weeks and i will be a proud MBA degree holder. As you suspect this post is going to be different. It’s out of the usual but this is a lifestyle blog and there is a chance that once in a while i will post up something different but its an experience i would love to share with you guys. This post is about a letter i would write to my college self telling myself what i know now. Enjoy.

They don’t prepare us for college, not back in my day or where i come from. lol. I am Nigerian and i was born in Nigeria. I got my first degree in Tourism Management back in my country and i am currently getting my MBA in Management at Mercy College, New York. #GoMavericks. When i got into college to get my first degree i wanted to get a degree in Microbiology not Tourism Management. If somebody had told me that changing your mind was all part of the experience, i would have been more prepared. lol. The good thing was i was quick to change my mind so, it didn’t really affect me.

Moving to the U.S and going back to college to get another degree, now that is something else. There was so much i didn’t prepare for. The fact that i am a international student has its own issues but financial aid wasn’t one because i am not eligible for one. If i had to tell myself what i knew now, i would say this:

  1. Never change or suppress who you are because there are people that will accept all your quirks and craziness and, still love you.
  2. Be prepared to live on noodles, slices of pizza and chicken wings but do not forget to live a active lifestyle because your clothes won’t fit anymore after 6 months. lol
  3. It would get hard financially but do not forget to eat healthy.
  4. Time management should be as essential at breathing because it would save your life.
  5. Study hard because getting an MBA is very different from getting a B.A. because you might be going to a different continent.
  6. Have a budget plan by learning about understanding your finances and the resources that can help you like Earnest. They offer awesome low-interest loans.
  7. Learn to invest what little extra money you have.
  8. Have as much fun as you can but never let it affect your studies.
  9. Go out more, make more friends. Experience life outside your room and books.
  10. Always work harder than everybody else, push yourself and follow your passion although sometimes you may have to settle but never let that stop you.



Its a SkinnyPop Summer

Hey lovies,

How is your summer going? Mine has been very interesting and filled with adventures i wouldn’t normally take but this is the summer of adventures for me so, i am doing it all. It’s been a perfect summer so far and i wouldn’t change it for any reason. As perfect has this summer has been, it’s only better with the right party refreshments either for a picnic, a day at the beach or party with friends.

Any one that knows me, knows that i am a sucker for a large bowl of hot, sweet and crisp popcorn and a glass of chilled sweet cocktail but i have never really thought popcorn and cocktails would make a great pair until i came across this popcorn and cocktail pairing graphics from SkinnyPop Popcorn.


Doesn’t that look delicious? Makes you want to find out how accurate the pairs are. I don’t know about you but i aim to find out. If i had to pick my favorite pair, it would be naturally sweet and white peach sangria because i have a major sweet tooth. I might also be inclined to try Moscow mule and original pair but that blueberry mojito sounds heavenly. lol. What about you?

The best part is, SkinnyPop popcorn is not just delicious but also healthy so, you can faithfully indulge without worries and if you are just like me, living that #fitfam life then this is definitely a life saving guilty pleasure. Now, get up off your couch or get on the internet and order your own skinnypop popcorn and let the snackin’ begin.

Have a poppin’ summer.


Double C’ Bedroom

Hey lovies,
How is your summer going? I have been having a bit of a swell time because i have been on a mini tour around the U.S for work but i do try to carve out time for fun. Horrible thing is, i forget to take pictures. Who does that? I ‘ll tell you. ME! Anyways, i have been playing around with different decor ideas and here is my latest one. Enjoy.
Decor 1


As my readers know, i usually go for clean and modern style with a touch of color and prints. And i love that floor to ceiling windows as it was something i fell in love with on one of my many summer trips to D.C because of the accommodation i rented.I am thinking of switching up a bit, what do you think?


It’s a “Havenly” home

Hey lovies,
How is the spring treating you? It’s my first spring in the U.S and i don’t know if i am a fan or not. Anyways, i have been battling with the urge to get my own place and i always fantasize about what it would look like. I love so many items and different styles so, i can never really stick with one style for a long time. Ergo, decor dilemma. But, i figured if i had to pick items that represent me, then this is what it would look like. Enjoy
My future
I love simple yet strong pieces because it represents my personality and i have a unique character that changes all the time, maybe that’s why i can’t settle on just one style. Hmmm. lol. I love meaningful quotes and chic accessories, so i have to have those and the most important is the couch because i am a couch potato and i love to write/read or binge watch shows on Netflix/cable. It was on one of my couch potato days that i came across Havenly whilst browsing the internet. I think they idea behind it is AMAZING and totally genius. It’s a great way to connect designers and decorators with potential or returning clients.

Interior Design Bucketlist

Hey lovies,

I am super happy that Spring is finally here in New York. Sun is out, flowers are in bloom and i couldn’t ask for much right now except i have been thinking about moving into a new place and for me, that means change and change means “it’s time for some shopping”. I have a few ideas on my bucketlist of what i would like to get for my dream living room if i had an unlimited budget and i want to share that you guys. Enjoy.

  Charles Pfister 3-seat sofa for knoll     Fully restored pair of 1950s italian lounge chairs by Gigi Radice for Minotti

Karl Springer Bronze base pouf ottoman    Chenille and Linen pillow with a bright ikat motif design

Custom Edward Field deco style rug (13x13 ft)     Roger Sprunger-style brass and glass coffee table by tri-mark

Eero Saarinen for Knoll cast iron tulip tables    Italian ceramic bowl

Beaded floral wall sculpture    Bertil Brisborg extra large white plexiglass swirl wall lamps

Rare 3-arm floor lap by Stilnovo    Sputnik Chandelier with 24 shades

I love to combine bright and neutral colors with chic contemporary furnishing and interesting accents. I love throw pillows with graphic prints because they add something different that you can switch out anytime. I don’t know about you but i love  round tables because i don’t have to worry about sharp edges. lol. I am a reader and i love to be comfortable when i have a good book so, comfortable chairs and putting my feet up is a no brainer.

Designing my dream space is something i find interesting and complicated at the same time because i am always craving something different and unique, just like me. Good thing i found the perfect site that has everything i need at my finger tips. Decaso is the perfect place where you can go to get your interior design dreams fulfilled.